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Sancta Sedes, Papa Bonifatius X (electronic mail)

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Greetings and Apostolic Blessings in the name of the Holy Father Pope Boniface X, the Petrus Romanus, who alone among papal claimants holds to all of the Catholic dogmas in the Great Apostasy, as defined by the Roman Pontiffs, and who has exposed Antipope Francis as an Apostate,

Peace be to those who love the Lord, but anathema maranatha to those who hate Him.

Kurzweil, whether you appreciate this insight or not, you appear to be an interesting instrument of the Lord to point out the possibility of life extension in our time, in this era of the Great Apostasy predicted by the Apostle Paul in his epistle to Thessolonica.

You have become well known for your belief that men will achieve immortality through technology.  It is written "as the days of Noe, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be." Therefore, it comes as no surprise to this See, that the Petrus Romanus predicted by Saint Malachy (who is Us- Pope Boniface X), could possibly live a very long time, even as the day of Noe, when men lived to a thousand years.  This perhaps may be due in part to imminent technological innovation.  

You are a logical man of reason, and you are able to see the logical progression of technology in an exponential form. You recently said you try to find an explanation why others cannot see it. And again it is written "he who has ears to hear, let him hear, and he who has eyes to see, let him see", therefore you see what others cannot see.

But yet, We “stumble” (or rather you have stumbled at the Stumbling Stone) and are a bit confounded when a man resists the truth of eternal life and its opposition of eternal damnation, and the need to save your soul. A man of reason abides by the fear of God, what some have called “Pascal’s Wager”, yet We do not see you doing this. For, you think that you can achieve immortality itself by becoming a machine, or even pure information. Yes, it is possible men will extend life by hundreds of years very soon, but a realization will have to come that so long as it is prior to the resurrection of the dead, there is no true immorality, for all physical things of the fallen nature must at some point, even if greatly delayed, come to an end and a finality, unless the universe is cleansed and transformed by fire.

You must be careful not to replace the Divine, Who has existed from the beginning and indeed before the beginning (if we speak in human terms), with a machine as though somehow that which is only imperfect could obtain perfection without God.  Indeed, this is why, even among those who existed prior to the technological revolution of our current age, they also have something to look forward to, because God is able to save them all, if they have believed the dogmas and searched for Him honestly. It is not a salvation only for the here and now, or for those who come because they may be able to enhance their bodies, but for all time, for those who have come before us, and who have accepted the truth because they were of the truth.

Those who love God, love the truth, because God is the truth. And those who claim to love God, but do not love the truth, lie, to themselves and to others. And if they lie, they are not of the truth, and if they are not of the truth, they are not of God, because God is truth. Thus all heretics and apostates must depart into the fires, because they are hypocrites and they loved the lie. The truth is this- that the safest position to hold, and therefore which should be promoted if you love your own soul and those of others, is the one that avoids eternal damnation and that is also the most consistent with the prophets and past revelation. For no risk or probability, no matter how great or slight, is worth the risk of the eternal wrath of the living God. Thus the wise Solomon said, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. What then is the end of wisdom, but the love of God?  For the slaves of Satan start with fear, and then are baptized, and are transformed into the love of God whom they once detested, even if they convinced themselves they did not detest Him (because they thought Satan was God), and they are brought out of the lie and into the truth.

This is the truth of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith, outside of which no man can be saved, as was defined in the Athanasian Creed. This is the safest position, because only a fool risks eternal fire, and the eternal fire of his friends. And who can deny the possibility of eternal fire? For is not God eternal? And if you offend an eternal perfection, is not the proper punishment eternal? But yet great is His mercy (for His mercy endures forever), that He Himself experienced damnation for Us on the cross, that you might have life if you obey Him and His commandments. For those will be saved who walk in the footsteps of the faith of Abraham, a faith which stopped the mouths of lions in his posterity, and which will save you too, if you believe in Him who raised Jesus from the dead, and if you believe Him, and His Son, you believe Truth because He is Truth, and therefore you believe His dogmas because they are true, because they are from Him, and from His Vicar on earth, the Roman Pontiff. These dogmas can never change, because God does not change. Man may change, and will progress in some areas, but God can never change. For if God could change, you should be hopeless, for then something is greater than God, and that would then be God. But nay, nothing is greater than God, who is perfect.

Ray Kurzweil, an age is probably coming, even in the next few years, when men will be able to last into the thousands of years. And this would help fulfill that prophecy "as the days of Noe, so shall the coming of Son of Man be", and behold, this prophecy also means that only those who enter the Ark, guided by the Holy Father, who is the Vicar of God, Pope Boniface X, can be saved. And the Ark is the Catholic Church, and this is the fulfillment of which the Ark was a mere type or shadow. Except this time, all who are outside of it will not be destroyed by water, but by fire, for fire is superior to water in destruction . For while water cleanses yet preserves, fire transforms and changes it into a new creation, and a new universe.

Therefore, We who are the Noe of this age, call you into the Ark, the remnant Catholic Church, those very few souls who have kept the dogmas, even after the apostasy of Vatican II in 1965. Don't fear because you are Jewish ethnically. You too can be saved if you convert to the Catholic Faith, you have free will to accept His grace. You should write to Us and register and enter the Ark of Noah before it is too late.

Your reason has led you to the wise use of nutrition of the body, and various herbs to increase your longevity, as it should. But yet, you are afraid to use your reason to save your soul, and you would rather risk eternal fire and eternal absence from God! The time has come to use your reason once more in this regard as well, before it is too late, even if you are able to delay the inevitable for a time.

Do not be deceived, Antipope Francis is not the Roman Pontiff, he has denied numerous dogmas, and the proof of Our jurisdiction is fully proven on the treatise that may be found on Our internet page. We have also proven dogmatically and canonically that Antipope Francis is absolutely not the Roman Pontiff. Rather, We, Boniface X, the Petrus Romanus, are the currently reigning Pontiff.

God Speed to the Elect who Heard the Call, and Followed Him. As the Apostle wrote, even in Israel there is a remnant who can be saved, God has not forsaken them all. And to the Gentiles, do not boast, for He broke off the natural branches because of unbelief, and grafted you in. But you do not support the vine, but the vine supports you (that is, the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the covenant of Abraham, and the end of the law of Moses, which is Christ, who is the fulfillment of it all).

Boniface X,

Servant of the Servants of God