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Sancta Sedes, Papa Bonifatius X (electronic mail)

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Pope Boniface X Predicted the Current European Invasion by Syrians and Mohammedans

Private Epistle #17

In June of 2015, Boniface X, Pontiff of Rome, through previous Apostolic Publications numbers 12 and 20 (informal articles written for the education of the faithful and others), presaged the imminent invasion of Europe by massive numbers of Semites and Hamites (Syrians and other Mohammedan invaders).  Since those publications were distributed, Europe has been inundated with countless numbers of these same interlopers, up to half a million in the months of July and August of 2015 alone.  

Almighty God, apparently foreknowing of the events soon to come, inspired Boniface X to write concerning these matters, though he had no indication at the time that the invasion would reach such incredible dimensions in only a few months.  Rather, the Roman Pontiff was merely commenting on the massive influx of these invaders that had been arriving over the past thirty years.  

Not surprisingly, the Jewish dominated moving picture industry has sought to suppress all opposition to this invasion in the name of false charity.  Publishing a few pictures of infants and toddlers has been enough to rally the stupefied apostate Germanic and European masses (many of whom no longer even baptize their children) into blindly accepting hoards of invaders, many of whom are overweight and even obese, as they travel into the heartland of Germany, the descendant nation of the original Holy Roman Empire.  These overweight and obese invaders are depicted as helpless and hopeless victims in need of immediate dire assistance and the ultimate sacrifice of the German peoples of the Holy Roman Empire, namely the giving over of their fundamental cultural and ethnic identity for the sake of feeding their new obese patrons.  These invaders are also usually Mohammedan of course, and threaten the most fundamental Catholic identity of traditional German culture.  Every Catholic dogma is being threatened and now thoroughly destroyed in European minds as this inundation continues.

The German masses, because the new generation has never been educated in Catholic doctrine, fail to see that all infants who are unbaptized and unwashed in the true waters of regeneration, will depart into the eternal fires unless they are baptized before the end of their lives.  

As it is written, “Satan disguiseth himself as an angel of light.”  What better way for Satan to seduce simple minds than to show them the image of wicked, unkempt, and unbaptized infants and children, to soften their heart to accept the complete sacrifice of their Catholic Faith and culture.  God kills and slays infants daily. Indeed, even these Syrian infants are considered the enemies of God, because they are not baptized and therefore have not been reconciled to Him.  Further, by following their wretched parents in their errors, they profess a false creed and spread it abroad, corrupting even the native cultures that they invade.  

Hence was the importance of Europe and the Holy Roman Empire (Germany) to remain Catholic and send double the missionaries to Syria that they had in the past, especially at the time of Pius XII who often sought to focus on missionary endeavors, in order to defeat the Mohammedan entrenchment in those regions.  But because Europe failed to even maintain its own genuine Catholic understanding and wisdom, God has now punished them with these superstitious and idolatrous hoards who worship the false god of the false prophet Mahomet.

The apostate and Jewish moving picture news corporations, who are almost entirely owned or influenced by Jewry, constantly inundate the ignorant European masses with pictures of dying Mohammedan children designed to stir up effeminate and womanly emotions (for they know what a stranglehold the emotional women often have over their more rational thinking husbands), and they cry “the children”, when God Himself in the Holy Writings commanded entire populations of infants and children to be slain with the edge of the sword for the wickedness of their parents, and the wickedness that God foresaw in them, due to the lack of grace they were to receive, and replaced those with children who adhered to the covenant of the good and eternal God.

The Apostolic See, now under the rule of Pope Boniface X, of course understands that those who are invading are often ignorant of true doctrine, and should be treated with appropriate mercy.  And this is mercy: the best salve for them is to give them the gospel and holy baptism upon demonstration of their adherence to the gospel, and only with that to provide them with basic food and basic shelter (of the most basic kinds, and if they do not work for more, then they shall not eat more) as they are forced to travel back to their homeland.  There, camps may be set up by those Catholics willing to assist with necessities until the battles in that region between different Mohammedan sects cease, but only if they accept the gospel, otherwise they must be left to their own devices.  

For God separated the races of Noah into three general tribes according to his three sons, and Europe belongs to Japheth and the light skinned race alone.

Further, Angela Merkel and her government have all been deposed by Pope Boniface X. Catholics are not required to follow any laws imposed by her that are contrary to Catholic Faith and the decrees of this Apostolic See.  Catholics in Germany and the Holy Roman Empire must work to revise the immigration code of those parts, so that no one seeking asylum in the lands descended from that empire may remain once the cause of their leaving ceases to restrain them from going back to their homeland.

Catholics absolutely cannot allow the religion and sect of the false prophet Mahomet to gain any foothold in the lands once loyal to the Holy Roman Empire.  Indeed, sadly it seems they are already gaining ground significantly there, and there can be no doubt that God must and will intervene to end this horrible cataclysm and destruction of those lands once fully loyal to Christ.

This great invasion is a sign of the indignation of God upon the unfaithful of the Holy Roman Empire, those who have fallen away from Catholicism into heresy, schism, and apostasy.  With that loss of adherence to God, He has delivered them over to every kind of perverse craving, and has now sent a foreign hoard to invade them as punishment for their crimes which cry for vengeance, as it is written by the holy writer:

But if thou wilt not hear the voice of the Lord thy God, to keep and to do all his commandments and ceremonies, which I command thee this day, all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee.

The Lord will bring upon thee a nation from afar, and from the uttermost ends of the earth, like an eagle that flyeth swiftly, whose tongue thou canst not understand, a most insolent nation, that will shew no regard to the ancients, nor have pity on the infant, and will devour the fruit of thy cattle, and the fruits of thy land: until thou be destroyed, and will leave thee no wheat, nor wine, nor oil, nor herds of oxen, nor flocks of sheep: until he destroy thee. (Deut 28)

Obese Syrian Invaders Demand Passage to the Wealthiest European Nation (Germany/The Holy Roman Empire) to Satisfy their Wicked Craving for Lucre