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Apostate Peter Sutherland States Europe/Holy Roman Empire has an Obligation to Admit Mohammedan Invaders and Deny its Ethnicity

Private Epistle #18

Apostate Peter Sutherland speaks again.  The Apostolic See issued a previous publication outlining this man’s incredible apostasy against the Catholic heritage and faith of Europe.  Now, this man has even invoked Antipope Francis and his false encyclicals in his attempts to destroy the European continent.

While Peter Sutherland appears to have been born to Catholics, it is clear this man is an apostate and sold his soul to the apostate Jewry long ago, as he became heavily involved in the Goldman Sachs banking regime.  As Pope Boniface X and Pope Pius IX have taught, and as is evident from the Holy Scripture, God divided the nations into three portions, in accordance with the descendants of the three sons of Noah.  The firstborn son, Japheth, who had the greatest blessing, went north and west into Europe.  The secondborn son, Shem, went east into Asia and the Middle East.  The final born son, Ham, who had no blessing, went south and west into Africa.  

Peter Sutherland, the apostate who is loyal to Antipope Francis, has decreed that Europe must surrender its ethnic identity, and produce a new civilization based solely upon Christ denying values of liberty for false sects.  Peter Sutherland fails to point out why only traditional Catholic Europe must surrender its identity, while every heathen nation may preserve its own identity and borders, including the apostate state of Israel, which is the abomination of desolation in Palestine.  What Peter Sutherland fatally does not understand, is that God gave different levels of talent to each son of Noah, and that God Himself decreed their separation and difference.  Peter Sutherland and Antipope Francis have utterly no authority to deny the decree of the eternal God, which lives on in the descendants of Noah’s sons and can never be overturned.

Peter Sutherland, even if he went to a purportedly Jesuit school in his youth and follows Antipope Francis, can never be a Catholic so long as he remains in his current views.  For Antipope Francis is himself an Apostate who has denied countless dogmas, as the Apostolic See has revealed.  He has nothing to do with Catholicism and should be denounced by every Catholic.  Peter Sutherland will depart into eternal fire if he does not embrace the traditional dogmas of the Catholic Faith, and reject the Vatican II Council and its decrees issued in 1965.

God has tasked Pope Boniface X with the defense of the borders of the Holy Roman Empire, and the maintenance of the Catholic Faith throughout Europe.  As a result, Boniface X has deposed Angela Merkel and the other false leaders of the German government.  Catholics are permitted to ignore her directives where they are able, and where they contradict the Catholic Faith.  Catholics are permitted to do everything in their power to pressure the Mohammedan invaders to leave lands which originally belonged to the Holy Roman Empire, and to demand the Mohammedans’ conversion to the faith of Christ.

 Peter Sutherland is so bold in his wickedness, he even urges the once great Catholic nation of Ireland, known for its zeal and great Saint Patrick, to embrace Mohammedan invasion.  Apparently he is distraught that Ireland has managed to emerge relatively unscathed from inundation, due to its difficulty as a remote island in being reached by the invading hordes.

Peter Sutherland perverts the encyclicals of Pius XI and Leo XIII on social matters, and teaches that inherent rights extend even to obstinate Christ deniers.  As was decreed at the Council of the Lateran, apostates and heretics must be rounded up and punished, they are not allowed to receive social benefits unless they convert and recant their errors.  

“Secular authorities, whatever office they may hold, shall be admonished and induced and if necessary compelled by ecclesiastical censure, that as they wish to be esteemed and numbered among the faithful, so for the defense of the faith they ought publicly to take an oath that they will strive in good faith and to the best of their ability to exterminate in the territories subject to their jurisdiction all heretics pointed out by the Church; so that whenever anyone shall have assumed authority, whether spiritual or temporal, let him be bound to confirm this decree by oath” (Fourth Lateran Council 1215 A.D., Pope Innocent III, Canon 3 on Heresy)

As Innocent III decreed (and many other Pontiffs in other places), those who defy Christ must be branded as hostile to Catholic empire and are not accorded the rights and social privileges of Catholics, the kind taught in the encyclicals of Leo XIII and Pius XI.  This is because they have wills that are bent on evil, and are counted as criminals.  Even if they appear to embrace social customs that are tolerable, by the mere fact that they reject Christ, they are already enemies of goodness and truth, and dangerous to souls.  If they are preserved from punishment (as often the infidels have been in Catholic lands), it was due not to right but to mercy and kindness.  

However, when such large obnoxious numbers of wicked invade Catholic territories as we see today, who have no regard for the Catholic Faith or the heritage of the Holy Roman Empire, the preservation of Catholic heritage and identity must be paramount over any concerns of temporal mercy.  For the preservation of the Catholic soul is more important than the preservation of the body of a wicked man.  The salvation of souls is the highest good, and must always be the greatest law.

Catholics have no obligation to admit to their territories those who openly defy Jesus Christ. Rather, Catholics must preach the gospel to them as clearly as possible.  If they will not convert, they must be expelled or even eradicated as safety and justice require. Further, if they defy their ethnicity founded in Noah, they must also be expelled and the nations are to remain unique and separated.  Indeed, the Pontiffs have infallibly decreed that infidels may not only be expelled from Catholic homelands (as for example when Pius V expelled the Jews from Rome), but may even be expelled from the Holy Land, even when it was no longer majority Catholic:

“Catholics who have girded themselves with the cross for the extermination of the heretics, shall enjoy the indulgences and privileges granted to those who go in defense of the Holy Land [to fight the infidels].”- Fourth Lateran Council, Pope Innocent III, 1215 A.D.

  Further, it is worth mentioning the valiant bull by Our Predecessor Pope Nicolas V Romanus Pontifex, who gave authority to the European monarchs to seize foreign lands of the infidels and enslave them for Catholic service, and subjugated the infidels of Africa to the Catholic name.

  Nothing prevents these wicked infidels from receiving food, shelter, and clothing in their own lands.  Catholics should form missions to provide these necessary supplies, so long as the recipients of these benefits display a willingness to embrace Christ and reform their lives.  Christ did not dine long with His enemies, but after warning them, if they did not adhere to His truth, He commanded His disciples to shake the dust of their feet off upon them and leave:

And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words: going forth out of that house or city shake off the dust from your feet. (Mt 10:14)

             The notion that men convicted of rejecting Jesus Christ have genuine civil rights is absurd.  Through their rejection of Christ, they have earned only the death penalty.  They are maintained only at the mercy, kindness, and charity of the King.  As Gregory XVI and Pius IX observed in Mirari Vos and Quanta Cura, religious freedom of false sects is nothing more than freedom of perdition, and is condemned.

All of those who oppose Jesus Christ are wicked, and they either obstinately deny the revelation of God and His credible threat of eternal fire because of their obstinate pride, or else God has blinded them into ignorance for their refusal to reject other sins.

Peter Sutherland (2015)- Vatican II Apostate, Allied with the Apostate Jews

The Irish Times-

The overall response in Europe to the present migrant crisis has been “less than satisfactory”, UN special envoy on migration Peter Sutherland has said.

Addressing pilgrims during the annual Novena at Knock Shrine, Co Mayo, on Monday, Mr Sutherland commended a number of countries including Germany, Sweden and Ireland for their response.

He said that those saved from waters in the Mediterranean by various navies are brought to Italy. “What has happened next has been less than satisfactory,” he said.

“Italy and Greece have received most migrants but the offers from other EU States to relocate refugees from either of these countries have been less than satisfactory.

“So it must be conceded that far from every EU State has been prepared to offer those entitled to asylum the opportunity to avail of it.

“The seeming lack of solidarity demonstrated by some other member states to relocate those who are in camps in Greece and Italy is less than one might have hoped for.”

In a homily at Knock’s crowded Basilica Mr Sutherland said there was no room for ambiguity, or indifference among Christians to the phenomenon of migration.

The mass movement of people he said has created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in recent times in Europe and elsewhere.

He said that in more than 130 years of formalised Catholic social teaching the church’s message has been constant and clear.

People are to be unified on the basis of their shared values not on the needs of national identities such as those which some have thought of in the past to divide humanity or through the promotion of ethnic loyalties calculated to engender xenophobia and racism.

Mr Sutherland quoted from encyclical letters from Pope Francis that we need to understand the unique dignity of every human person and strengthen the conviction that we are one single human family. So we must not in these times reject in particular those who are escaping from persecution, war or climatic disasters.

“The numbers may be intimidating but we have no right to reject,” Mr Sutherland said. “We have no right to do other than be hospitable.”

He added that in Ireland we have been spared the worse excesses of public reaction to migration. Beyond refugees and our international obligations to them “the desperate plight of many economic migrants escaping from dire poverty should drive us to seek to open up new avenues for legal migration”.

The EU proposals have been a positive contribution, said Mr Sutherland, and the temper of public debate and response in some European countries including Ireland has been constructive.