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Sancta Sedes, Papa Bonifatius X (electronic mail)

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Greetings and Apostolic Salutations from the final Pontiff, Pope Boniface X, the Pontiff who is born out of due time to the glory of God, the one who descends not by the mode of election, but by the appointment of Christ through His grace, by means of His decree, the legal decree declared at the last true Council, that Christ established the papacy by a perpetual ordinance and all are bound to heed it, and therefore, heeding epikeia (equity) and the force of the law, We were made Pope by Jesus Christ according to His own perpetual ordinance, to the condemnation of the Apostates who have reigned in the Vatican since 1958:

We have heard of your debates with the other protestant heretics, and you have begun to peer more deeply into the word of God, which We commend, however, you still have been led into a kind of abyss, because for now you appear to be hell bent on an invented theological paradigm of the Anglican schism of your own creation, which is the precise antithesis of the Church which is from Christ.

For you must surely know, many of the things you discuss Augustine touched upon, and therefore when We read for example, "The Spirit and the Letter", We know from whence comes the power of the Spirit, and from what place comes the power of the Letter, and so forth, which letter of the law is the power of sin, yet the letter at the same time is not sin, but the letter is just and good, but it causes sin to arise in the members to lead to death, but the Spirit is life and it is peace, for is this not the shalom, which is the Spirit which is life and which is peace in Christ Jesus, for when we walk with Him we will live with him, but if we walk according to the flesh, we shall die. For we do not live according to the power of the letter, but by the Spirit we bear fruit to God in Christ Jesus, which causes us to obey the moral law.  Amen.

What then, shall we remain under a tutor (the law)? Not under a written tutor, but under that which the tutor has led and still leads us to, which is the Spirit, by the power of the death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and to this day the tutor is still useful, for babes, but for those who know the Spirit of God, It is the power of God for wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification and redemption.

Be advised that the Great Apostasy commenced in 1958 with the election of Antipope John XXIII, and therefore you have very limited time in which to join the Catholic Church under this true papacy. We require and of course summon you to this course of action, for the sake of the brethren and martyrs who gave their lives to preserve the faith unsullied in the Apostolic See and elsewhere. Know this, as Our Predecessor declared: "Neither jews, nor heretics, nor schismatics, nor pagans can be saved, but will depart into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels", and again "Further, we define, and We proclaim that it is ABSOLUTELY necessary, for the salvation of every human creature, that they be subject to the Roman Pontiff", and again "unless each one hold this faith (the Catholic Faith) whole and inviolate, without doubt he shall perish everlastingly" and many other things, which are dogmas, and which according to Pius IX can have NO recession to their meaning (unlike the word of God which is often obscure and should not be touched by the ones who have not been imparted unto the training of those who are tasked to carry the ark, within which is contained the holy writ).

Therefore NT Wright, you are required by this Apostolic See to convert to the Catholic Faith, and submit to His Holiness Pope Boniface X, who is the Petrus Romanus, the one who is born out of due time, who is Pontiff by epikeia (equity), by a power from God, and not of man, for We are the Roman Citizen and the Petrus, We are Peter and Paul, and the fulfillment of both, and the time of the end has arrived, and the Great Apostasy has mostly passed, and your time is short.

We expect to hear from you by the passing of the month, and if We do not, We will send one more warning, in the hopes that you will be saved from this perverse and corrupt generation. Soon, Rome will be destroyed.

Boniface X pp