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Sancta Sedes, Papa Bonifatius X (electronic mail)

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Boniface X, Servant of the Servants of God, gives the following epistolatory admonition,

We reiterate, as the position of Our predecessors, that all elevation of the race to an idolatrous status, where it becomes of equal importance, or more important, than preserving the dogmas of the Catholic Faith, is prohibited and condemned.

The geographical separation of the races are to be preserved, and local customs of the races may be celebrated, so long as they are not inimical to the Catholic Faith, the traditions of the Church Fathers and Holy Scripture, the disciplines and canon laws  of the Church,  the Divine liturgy, and any other matter which the Church has raised to be more important than such customs.

The Catholic Church has always promoted salutary local folk customs and racial uniqueness of every ethnos and nation under Almighty God, and has sought the conversion of every nation to the Catholic Faith.  Indeed, the Faith has always been seen as integral to the prosperity of every nation.  However, the nation or ethnos must never be elevated to a level that is idolatrous, where it becomes more important than holding to the Catholic Faith.

Further, We condemn what is called pure Nazi philosophy, and its adherents such as the heretic Alfred Rosenberg, which is incompatible with the Catholic Faith.  Indeed, Nazi philosophy is hostile to the Catholic Faith, just as Americanism is hostile to the Catholic Faith.  Since the end of the World Wars, the Apostolic See has never judged his regime to be Catholic.  Those baptized who equate the dogmas of the Catholic Church with the Nazi philosophy of Alfred Rosenberg and Adolph Hitler are condemned as at least heretics.  We anathematize both of these men as apostates from the Catholic Faith.

Boniface X P P

DELIVERED this 29th day of June, 2015.