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Sancta Sedes, Papa Bonifatius X (electronic mail)

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This is a further epistolatory warning from the Apostolic See concerning Most Holy Family Monastery, to the faithful:

The Apostolic See contacted Most Holy Family Monastery by telephone and was put in contact with an answering service.

This answering service presents itself to be a fount of Catholic truth that men can trust.  The man employed by or volunteering for this service was queried on whether he had reviewed the clear proofs of Boniface X’s papal jurisdiction established through designation via epikeia and equity, and whether he was willing to submit to the true papacy of Boniface X.  He indicated that he had never reviewed the arguments or proofs, and said that even though he never reviewed the proofs or even encountered them, he definitely rejects them.  Astounded, We asked him how he can reject claims of jurisdiction he has never even bothered to review or examine.  He then said “if the brothers do not accept it, then I do not”.  By this he meant the self-proclaimed monks Michael Dimond and Peter Dimond.  It was clear that this schismatic was a follower of men, and not God.  Rather than examining the proofs of the position, he blindly followed the Dimonds.

It is unfortunate that the followers of this “monastery” are once again falling victim to the darkness that comes from a desire of social approval and acceptance, which has long been the mark of the other deluded societies that claim Catholic tradition (SSPX, SSPV, CMRI, etc..). Rather than honestly examining and then accepting or honestly refuting the arguments of this papacy, they blindly follow the blind into the pit, and do not even examine proofs that are presented to them.  This is shameful and reprobate.

If the Dimond brothers are the two witnesses, as some have speculated, then they will surely convert to this papacy.  But if they do not, God has others in mind to be His two witnesses.  

The Dimonds also teach the heresy that material heretics can be saved.  As Our Predecessor Leo XIII made clear in Satis Cognitum, those who fail on even one point of faith and do not remain in the unity of belief, are cast outside, even if their false beliefs are held only materially and not formally.

The Dimonds also falsely hold that men may receive sacraments from heretics and schismatics. However, the canon laws of the Church only permit reception of the sacraments from “excommunicated persons” in times of emergency.  These canons must always be interpreted in light of higher level authoritative teaching such as from encyclicals and ex cathedra magisterium. This higher level authority clearly indicates that heretics and schismatics are an exception to this rule of receiving sacraments from excommunicated persons.  There can be no society of darkness with light.  The heretics and schismatics are more than merely excommunicated, they are odious and God has always commanded that they must be avoided at all cost in his Divine law.  See Graves Ac Diuturnae  (Pius IX 1875) for just one of the many teachings of the Roman Pontiffs on this matter.  Further, it has been defined that no heretics or schismatics can share in the authority of Peter (Satis Cognitum #15, Leo XIII, 1896).  Thus no heretical or schismatic priest can exercise jurisdiction for confession.

Those who do not even bother examining the proofs of the papacy before rejecting it, are clearly inhabited with a demon of schism and pride.  Unfortunately, this is what afflicts Most Holy Family Monastery.  Of course, a refutation of the proofs of this papacy would be impossible.

The faithful are to be governed in accordance with this decree and avoid Most Holy Family Monastery until she converts to a humble and obedient submission of charity to the Holy Father Boniface X.  Failure to admit faults, and to exercise appropriate humility and charity was likely responsible for the fall of this monastery and her Benedictines upon its rejection of this papacy.

Of course, they have never publicly condemned this papacy, which is well and good, and may symbolize the grace of God working in them to eventually deliver them from the abyss.  But it is clear presently that darkness now envelopes them.

-The Apostolic See