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Sancta Sedes, Papa Bonifatius X (electronic mail)

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Liberal Desire to Destroy Roman Catholicism and the Europeans

Private Epistle #15

Wicked and wealthy interests, through the control of universities,  motion pictures, and political syndicates, are destroying the unique racial and Catholic heritage of Europe. These interests include wealthy Jewish financiers such as the Bonnier Family, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Murray Rothstein, Robert Iger, and the Rothschilds.  These have joined with wicked Europeans such as Robert Edward Turner III (atheist) and William Gates III (originally an atheist, but now an apostate and adherent of the false Vatican II council).  Finally, the Antipopes of the Vatican II sect (John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis) align themselves with their ideas, and openly tolerate and even promote them, by encouraging the heresies of religious liberty and salvation outside of the Catholic Church.  Antipope Francis has also recently actively promoted the acceptance of mass migration into Europe, the continent which can now rightly be called the Beast of the Apocalypse. Through their concerted efforts, the lands of Europe are now slowly and steadily being invaded by hoards of foreign Semitic and Hamitic (Asian and African) races, many of whom do not even speak their language, as a result of the implementation of various migration acts. This has always been depicted in the holy scripture as a punishment of God (Deut 28).  

The invasion, as it is rightly called, has fundamentally transformed what was a European, racially white, and Catholic civilization.  Further, through the plotting of wicked Jewish politicians like Emmanuel Cellar of New York, and the vile apostate from the Catholic Faith, Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy of Massachusetts, the Kennedy-Cellar 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act was passed in the United States, and has accomplished the same destructive immigration goals in the Americas.  They are slowly attempting to replace traditional Catholic civilization with a new global world of false “human transcendence” through technology and a unified world government.

The revolutionaries now in positions of power throughout the West are extremely wicked and are willing to risk eternal damnation of their very souls, for the sake of material prosperity and the creation of a unified communist regime that forsakes all of the true ideas of the past for a new kind of false human transcendence.  Economic liberty has already been abolished in the name of this wicked unity.  All of this is ultimately motivated by an intense inner hatred of the Catholic Faith and the traditions that accompany it, because it reminds these wicked that they cannot escape eternal fire.

The first tool to accomplish the transformation of Europe is the introduction and implementation of the recent immigration acts.  Their powerful political syndicates, backed by substantial financial resources, have effectively assumed control over the European political process through the newly formed European Union.  There is now also much discussion of a North American Union.  These unions seek to abolish racial barriers, and disregard the racial and Noetic order established by God. Further, they openly work to divest Europe of any remaining vestige of Roman Catholicism and the dogmas of Holy Mother Church.  The recent evil immigration acts of the past seventy years in America and throughout Europe are remarkably similar to each other, showing a common goal and plan among hidden workers of iniquity. These immigration acts make it exceptionally easy for Asians and Africans to invade and enter Europe, and even have a role in determining its leadership.  All of these Africans and Asians are all Musselmen, pagans, or heretics.  Hardly any of them show interest in the truths of the Catholic Faith.

Further, they have assumed control of popular schools and universities.  Both subtle and overt propaganda is sent out by secular communist schools and universities, which wickedly attempt to suppress the truth of the unique Catholic heritage of Europe and the Holy Roman Empire, and the division of the races under Noah. The youth are indoctrinated into unclear notions of “equality” and “justice”, as well as trained to be hateful of what they term “bigotry”, which is usually just the true notion of the superiority of one idea over another.  They are trained to be mindless, hopeless, ruthless, dishonest, and to believe in nothing but vague and uncertain notions, and to doubtful and be skeptical of all things even if their soul is threatened.  The schools attempt to suppress the truth of the Catholic Faith, and put it on an equal place with every other philosophy and idea that is discussed, in the name of a false tolerance, and they deny the reality that all who do not convert to Catholicism are going to the eternal fires upon their death. As fools, they flagrantly disregard the reality of eternal fire, and willingly risk their eternal souls for the sake of brief material convenience. Therefore, who can doubt that God will eventually destroy them.  


Finally,  motion picture and publishing houses constantly spew out subtle propaganda that is absorbed by the European races.  Apostate Jews own most of the media syndicates in Sweden, and a substantial portion of them in the rest of Europe.  They also almost control motion picture production in the Americas, and send out to every corner vile propaganda that they call entertainment for the masses.   The creators of these modern pictures are liberals who inwardly hate Jesus Christ.  Catholics are thus to be discouraged by this Apostolic See and Catholic bishops from viewing most moving pictures, projections, and other modern media, and even the good ones should only be viewed very occasionally, and for good purpose, while shunning idleness.

“Racism” (the recognition of racial distinctions), is immediately derided as evil and not allowed for discussion in laws, schools, or media, even if the basis of it is true from nature or even scriptural. The original dogmas of the Catholic faith are virtually unknown among Europeans any longer, due to the continuous publication of notions falsely called Catholic.

These wicked men all seek to deny a fundamental scriptural and natural truth, that the white skinned sons of Japheth are the most blessed race of God upon the earth.  This was revealed directly to Noah by God in the ninth chapter of Genesis.  The wicked powers that now rule in high places disregard and stifle this information, and wish for it to be completely obliterated from the public mind.  But it is impossible to defeat the revelation of God.  

After the flood of Noah, God divided men into three general races or blood lines through Noah’s three sons: Japheth, Shem (or Sem), and Ham (or Cham). It is clear that in Genesis chapter nine, it was decreed that Japheth (the ancestor of the Europeans) would expand to greatness, and seize the tents built by Shem, and thus, that the descendants of Shem would have lesser blessing than Japheth.  The races of Japheth, the most blessed of Noah’s sons, are described in holy scripture as migrating north and west into Europe, and they are the blond haired and blue eyed races, and other “white” European races, that we now see today.  

The second son, Shem (or Sem), would have the lesser blessing of working and building the tents, but God would take them from Shem and give them to Japheth free of labor.  Japheth thus received a greater blessing than Shem.  

The tents themselves symbolize the covenants of God, including spiritual and material prosperity.  Thus, the Apostle Paul was a tentmaker by trade according to the scripture, to symbolize his role as a Shemite (or Semite) in building up the tents for Japheth by spreading the gospel to Europe.  This is also why he was called the “apostle to the Gentiles”.  The sons of Shem traveled from the Ark of Noah, into Asia.  One should also recall that the Holy Spirit forbade the Apostle Paul from going to the Semites in Asia, and instead ordered him to travel to Europe.

Finally, the third son Ham (or Cham) was put in the third place among the three sons, and received no blessing from Noah whatsoever, because he had previously looked upon the nakedness of his father Noah and disgraced his family (Gen 9:24), and thus was even subordinate to Shem.  As described in Genesis and elsewhere in scripture, the sons of Ham migrated into Africa.  As a result of receiving no blessing, Ham has the curse of Adam, but no blessing whatsoever from Noah.  Thus we see that the races of Africa are the darkest skinned and least developed of the races historically. Even worse, Ham’s son Canaan was openly cursed by God.  

The holy scripture thus clearly indicates where each son of Noah migrated, and describes the migrations in subsequent chapters of Genesis. It further describes the ranking and relations among the races.

It is thus no surprise that the whites sons of Japheth are the same race that, by the grace of God, converted to the true Holy Catholic Faith for the majority of the years since Christ.  The darker Semitic and Hamitic races had nowhere near the number of converts as the white Europeans.  However, in this time of the Great Apostasy, dark forces have gained control of the positions of power, and are now brainwashing the white European races to commit spiritual, cultural, and racial suicide.

Thus, after examining the basis of racial differences in men, it is easy to see why the recent movements are especially diabolical, since they are attempting to destroy the most blessed of the races of Noah and their original homelands.

Of course, despite all this, it is not impossible for the races of Shem and Ham (the brown and black races) to come to the truth and the Catholic Faith. However, it is much less likely that any of them will convert than a white European, just as it is far less likely that a Jew will convert than a white European, since the Semitic Jewish race is cursed for crucifying Jesus Christ.

God sends His grace to the white race of Japheth more than to the other two races.  It is no coincidence that many of the darker races have converted since 1965 into the Apostate Vatican II sect and that these apostates now falsely believe that they are Catholics.  Yet, in all of world history, they never converted to Holy Mother Church and her true dogmas.  Generally, they have a diminished measure of grace and diminished desire to seek the truth of the Catholic Faith.

Of course, Christ calls all races into the Catholic Faith, and no man can be saved without holding it, whether white, brown/arabic, Jew, or negro. Wherefore, We call all men to conversion, for God commands the conversion of all races.  No matter the race, all are welcomed into the Catholic Church if they are determined to hold the true Faith and do good, and their talents will be encouraged to be put to use in the service of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Some Semites and Chammites can make very capable priests and servants of God, even superior to many Japhethites.  Each man should be judged on his own abilities individually when he is examined for the holding of positions in the Church or in general society, since some in all races are quite superior in various skills, even if the white races have a greater portion that are gifted.  

However, it must also be acknowledged, as is clear from the holy scripture, that not all men are created with equal abilities, graces, or understandings.  Just as not every person can have the grace and gifts of the Mother of God (as a perfect example), so not every person can have the extra grace and gifts found most commonly in the race of Japheth.  But this does not negate the obligation and duty of every man to convert to the Catholic Faith.  All of the races of Noah, being men and sons of Adam, are entitled to justice and should be shown mercy.  

It is written,

And Noe awaking from the wine, when he had learned what his younger son had done to him, He said: Cursed be Chanaan, a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.And he said: Blessed be the Lord God of Sem, be Chanaan his servant.  May God enlarge Japheth, and may he dwell in the tents of Sem, and Chanaan be his servant Gen 9:26

The Catholic nations must thus retain their identities as God delineated to Noah.  However, charity between the nations, is always encouraged. This charity must be exercised among separated nations. Immigration and mixing, among races and also between Catholics and the heretics or pagans, is unnatural and should be discouraged.

Contrary to the ravings of their wicked publications and press, it is right and proper to be concerned regarding the dilution of any particular ethnic and racial people, especially the Japhethites (Europeans), who received the greatest blessing from God.  God separated the nations at Babel, primarily into the three main tribes that descended from Noah: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. God clearly revealed His intention to keep the nations unique and separate at Babel, and through a unique blessing granted to Japheth.  God commanded the Apostles to preach the gospel unto the nations (plural), not to a single nation.  This doctrine that respected ethnic distinctions was commonly taught throughout the Catholic Church and in Catholic history, and was based on scriptural prudence and insight.  It is improper to attempt to amalgamate the races and tribes into a single unitary race or whole, to intermarry and intermingle them, and to unite the various nationstates into a single secular government.

All of the nations, even the nations of Shem and Ham, have freedom of will, and are required to convert to the Catholic Faith.  Further, as declared by Our Predecessor Pius XI in his Encyclical Rerum Ecclesiae, they are to be given positions of responsibility and authority in the Church equal to those of the European races if, on individual and personal evaluation, their abilities merit these promotions. Further, they are not to be regarded as inherently inferior to the European white races, but only to have received a lesser blessing of God.  As Our Predecessor wrote “anyone who looks upon these natives as members of an inferior race or as men of low mentality makes a grievous mistake” and further “if one discovers an extreme lack of the ability to understand among those who live in the very heart of certain barbarous countries, this is largely due to the conditions under which they exist, for since their daily needs are so limited, they are not often called upon to make use of their intellects.”  In other words, the conditions surrounding them have caused the difference in knowledge and prosperity, due to the blessing or cursing of God. Further, while they may have a mental capacity to understand spiritual things, if the level of grace influencing them is less, due to the lesser blessing of God, then it will be easier for their inherent sinful nature to resist that grace and it may appear as a lack of natural mental affinity even if it is not the case.  If the European white races had not received the blessing of Japheth, there would be no discernable difference in status between the three lineages throughout history, since their inherent native talents and abilities would show no distinction. Rather, it is because Japheth received a greater blessing that God has prospered his works. Even so, as God ordained a division in history, the traditional racial geographical divisions must be enacted and respected.

Each ethnicity was created by Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the scriptures proclaim that Christ created every unique nation, and each nation was always intended to stand on its own, to be its own people, to care for its own, and not to intermingle as in the days of Babel.  All nations are called to submission to the Roman Pontiff, and in submission to the Catholic Church, and each nation must be nurtured and promoted in the Catholic Faith, but it is contrary to the wisdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who separated the nations with a distinct purpose, to attempt to intermingle them again, and intermarry them.  The nations should exist in charitable concord, all of them in submission to the Roman Pontiff as the ultimate judge and Vicar of Jesus Christ as one spiritual people in the new Israel of God, but they must never intermingle their races and destroy all boundaries.

In 1873 HH Pope Pius IX attached an infallible indulgence if a Catholic prays for the “wretched Ethiopians in Central Africa that almighty God may at length remove the curse of Cham from their hearts”.  The Roman Pontiff Boniface X continues to extend this indulgence for all Catholics:


Prayer to Implore the Conversion of the Descendants of Cham in Central Africa

Oremus et pro miseririmis Africae Centralis populis Aethiopum, ut Deus omnipotens tandem aliquando auferat maledictionem Chami a cordibus eorum, detque illis benedictionem, unice in Jesu Christo, Det et Domino nostro consequendam.

Let us pray for the most wretched Ethiopians in Central Africa, that Almighty God may at length move the curse of Cham from their hearts, and grant them the blessing to be found only in Jesus Christ, our God and Lord.


Domine Jesu Christi, unicus salvator universi generis humani, qui jam dominaris a mari usque ad mare, et a flumine usque ad terminos orbis terrarum: aperi propitius sacratissimum cor tuum etian mesierrimis Africae interioris animabus, quae adhuc in tenebris et umbra mortis sedent; ut intercedente piissima virgine Maria matre tua immaculata, ejusque sponso gloriosissimo beato Joseph, relictis idolis, coram te procidant Aethiopes, et Ecclesiae tuae sanctae aggregentus. Qui visi, etc.

Lord Jesus Christ, the only Saviour of the entire human race, who ready rulest from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the each, open propitiously thy most sacred heart also to the most wretched souls of Central Asia, who are still seated in the darkness and the shadow of death, that, through the intercession of the most pious Virgin Mary, thy immaculate mother, and of her most glorious spouse, S. Joseph, the Ethiopians, having abandoned their idols, may prostrate themselves before thee, and be joined to thy holy Church. Who livest, etc.

Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be to the Father.

His Holiness, Pius IX., by a decree of the S. Cong. of Rites, Oct. 2, 1873, granted to all the faithful, every time that, with at least contrite heart and devotion, they shall say these prayers, with the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory be to the Father:

An indulgence of three hundred days.

A plenary indulgence, once a month, to all who, having said them with the above dispositions, at least once a day, for a month, shall, on any day, being truly penitent, after confession and communion, visit a church or public oratory, and pray there, for some time, for the intention of his Holiness.

The Raccolta: Or, Collection of Prayers and Good Works, to which sovereign pontiffs have attached holy indulgences. Published by order of His Holiness, Pope Pius IX. Maryland: Woodstock College, 1878, pp. 413-415.