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Sancta Sedes, Papa Bonifatius X (electronic mail)

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Jews Seek to Destroy Roman Catholicism and the European Race through Print and Pictures

June 21, 2015

Private Epistle #12

"The Jewish people fell from the heights because of their faithlessness and condemned their Redeemer to a shameful death. Their godlessness has assumed such forms that, for the salvation of our own people, it becomes necessary to prevent their disease. Besides usury, through which Jews everywhere have sucked dry the property of impoverished Christians, they are accomplices of thieves and robbers; and the most damaging aspect of the matter is that they allure the unsuspecting through magical incantations, superstition, and witchcraft to the Synagogue of Satan and boast of being able to predict the future. We have carefully investigated how this revolting sect abuses the name of Christ and how harmful they are to those whose life is threatened by their deceit. On account of these and other serious matters, and because of the gravity of their crimes which increase day to day more and more, We order that, within 90 days, all Jews in our entire earthly realm of justice -- in all towns, districts, and places -- must depart these regions."- Pope Saint Pius V, Hebraeorum Gens, 1569

We now speak of an active movement among worldwide Jewry to destroy  Roman Catholicism and the traditional European white race.  The Jews primarily responsible at this time for spreading lies and misrepresentations regarding traditional white Europeans and the Catholic Faith, out of an ultimate desire to destroy the white European race and reduce its power forever (just as they falsely believe they have successfully destroyed Roman Catholicism) include members of the Board of Directors of Comcast Corporation (and therefore its subsidiary NBC Universal) Sheldon Bonovitz (Jew), Judith Rodin (and president of Ivy League University of Pennsylvania); Jeffrey Honickman (Jew), Brian Roberts (Jew);  Members of the Board of CNN Chairman Jeff Beweks (Jewish Spouse Peggy Brim), Jessica Einhorn (Jew), Kenneth Novack (Jew), Paul Wachter (Jew), along with the President of CNN Worldwide Jeff Zucker (Jew); CBS News Board of Directors Sumner Redstone CEO (Jew), Leslie Moonves (Jew with relatives in the Zionist military), David Andelman (Jew), William Cohen (Jew), Leonard Goldberg (Jew), Bruce Gordon (Jew), Arnold Kopelson (Jew); the three Chief Executives of the major conglomerate ABC News in the United States are Ben Sherwood (Jew), James Goldston (Jew), and David Muir (Jew); BBC Board of Directors Danny Cohen (Jew), BBC Creative Director Alan Yentob (Jew),  The CBS Board of Directors is almost eighty percent Jew; Chief Executive of French Television Station M6 Jean Tucker (Jew), Owner of the French Channel AB Group Jean-Luc Azoulay (Jew); co-founder of the French Channel AB Group Claude Berda (Jew); Chairman of the Supervisory Board of French Channel Arte Bernard Henry-Levy (Jew).  Jewish ownership of the French written press include L'Évènement du Jeudi of Georges-Marc Benhamou and Annette Kahn, Marianne, of J-F. Kahn; Le Nouvel Observateur of Jean Bensaïd said Jean Daniel; L'Express, from Servan-Schreiber to Denis Jeambar; VSD, founded by Maurice Siegel; Télérama of Marc Jézégabel; Courrier international of Alexandre Adler then Bernard Kapp, Libération of Serge July and the Rothschild family. The major shareholder of Le Monde is Alain de Gunzburg, son-in-law of billionaire Edgar Bronfman (Warner Music Group, World Jewish Congress). The Socpresse of Serge Dassault/Bloch controls Le Figaro , Spectacle du Monde, Valeurs actuelles, L'Expansion, TV Magazine and many regional newspapers (La Voix du Nord, Le Progrès de Lyon, Le Dauphiné libéré, etc.) There is also Paris-Match of Alain Genestar, Lire of Pierre Assouline. Le Nouvel Economiste of Jacques Abergel. Le Point of Franz-Olivier Giesbert. Les Echos of Servan-Schreiber and Erik Izraelewicz.  Daily Telegraph owner Joseph Moses Levy, Jacob Rothschild deputy Chairman of Sky Broadcasting Corporation, and Martin Sorrell founder of WPP Group.  These wicked Jews peddle all kinds of novelties and heresies, which inebriate the darkened European masses and cause them to deny Christ and the truth.  Many spiritually blind heretics, atheists, agnostics, and others in darkness work with them to accomplish their nefarious objectives.

The Jews and the heretics and atheists that work with them are very cunning.  Even if they are just half or less of the controllers of some of these organizations, there are even more powerful financial forces supporting their interests that do not expose themselves to public view.

Further, We have not remarked upon the Jewish control of the entertainment moving picture production industries at Hollywood, California, or the staggering Jewish control of the news print and picture industries of the other European nations outside of Britannia, Sweden, and France, as it would become redundant.  As anyone of fair mind can see, therefore, the Jews effectively control the distribution of propaganda and false seductive opinion.  

They are using this power of communication and propaganda to suffocate and destroy the white European race by a continuous emphasis on what they term the “Civil Rights Movement” of the years 1955- 1968 (notably the same era as the Apostate Vatican II Council), and the continuous promotion of what they call inclusion, tolerance, and ethnic migration in the name of a kind of false charity that denies the decrees of God regarding nations.  All of these movements are themselves inventions of the Jews. Through this “movement”, they have advocated the removing of white Europeans from positions of power and authority over traditionally white and European lands, even if these Europeans clearly merit the positions, in what is commonly called affirmative action. Further, they have required white Europeans to be in continuous close contact with black Africans and brown Semitic races in cities, what they term schools, and every social function.  They have denied the white Europeans the right to associate exclusively with their own kind, in accordance with the will of God, just as God divided the nations at the tower of Babel.  

Of course, Christ teaches a need for charity between the separated nations, but it is unmistakable that God initiated their division and separation, and that it is not for man to collapse or destroy it, and any movement to do this is of diabolical origin.  The elite Jews, diabolically manipulated by Satan, stop at nothing to pervert the truth.  The truth is that the white European race (the descendants of Noah’s son Japheth) have received the greatest blessing and privileges of Noah’s sons from God as indicated from the ninth and tenth chapters of Genesis in the holy scripture, and should be accorded these privileges, especially the privilege of their own separated nations so that they can maintain this blessing.  The Jews, denying this daily in their press and publications, instead promote the heresy that all of the races have equal blessing and that nations should not be divided.  Indeed, they deny that there is even such a thing as a blessing.  They have heavily promoted certain music and art to spread this wicked message.  This was especially promoted by the wicked communist and abettor of apostasy named John Lennon in his diabolical music, where he openly sought a world without God, heaven, hell, or division of nations ordained by Noah.  As taught in the holy scripture and tradition, God divided the race of men into three primary nations of Japheth, Shem, and Ham, who each traveled to their own continent.  Japheth and his descendants received the greatest blessing and traveled to Europe, Shem the middle blessing and traveled to Asia, and Ham no blessing and traveled to Africa. The descendants of Japheth, as admitted even by those who are not Catholic, are the white European races.

While most white Europeans do not understand these matters in the context of Noah, despite the clear teaching by the Apostolic See concerning this here and elsewhere, they nevertheless can sense that something is wrong in their cities and nations.  They can see that everything around them is deteriorating and that they have lost a blessing.  Indeed, they have lost a great blessing, and God is now cursing the Europeans for their disobedience and revolt against the Catholic Faith, first with a loss of knowledge of the holy scripture and the holy gospel, and second with an invasion of their lands by those races who are not subject to the greater blessing of God received by Japheth.

The Jews have been the ones to foment these changes in the nations through promotion of what they falsely call tolerance, and mass migration of the Semitic races and the races of Ham. During the time of the revolt of Martin Luther, and especially during the revolt of rationalism and empiricism, the Jews began to be allowed free reign and ascended to power through their diabolical cunning.  The Rothschild banks are a notable example of this increasing influence, as their rapacious lending to non-Jews was no longer restricted by Catholic sensibility.  In previous Catholic centuries, it was only the Catholic Church that contained the Jews and kept them from gaining too much power, and when this hand holding them back was stayed beginning at the time of the revolt of the Protestant heretics, wickedness increased everywhere with remarkable celerity.  The original division of the nations has now been perverted, and they now call evil good, and good evil.

As a curse upon Europe and the Americas, God has permitted the Jews to dominate the nations in the West because it is the Great Apostasy of the end of time.  This has also allowed them to form their new entity, falsely called the State of Israel, from the British Palestinian Mandate, in defiance of Christ.

This is the final culmination of the Great Apostasy that was predicted by the Apostle Paul in his letter to Thessalonica in the holy scriptures, wherein he taught that there would come a great falling away from the Catholic Faith. (“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away (original Greek- apostasia) first” 2 Thes 2:3). Of course, this has now happened.  Every dogma is now denied by almost all of those who currently claim the name Roman Catholic, but of course since they deny dogma they are not Catholics, but simply heretics on the way to eternal perdition.  They do not even know that the heretical and apostate doctrines taught by the false clerics currently in Rome are completely different from what was taught under Pope Pius XII and the true Pontiffs before 1958.  They follow the false Antipope Francis, and his false predecessors in the wicked sect of the Vatican II Council of 1962- 1965 (Antipopes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI).  They stumble at the clear unsullied teaching of the true Pontiffs of the past,  that no heretic is in the Catholic Church, and that no heretic is able to be a Roman Pontiff.  Submitting themselves to the false jurisdiction of the heretical Antipopes, including the false and heretical Antipope Francis, they thereby ensure for themselves eternal damnation, because they are not in submission to the dogmas of the faith or the true Roman Pontiff.  Holding the Catholic Faith and submission to the Roman Pontiff are required and necessary for the salvation of all who have attained to reason, just as baptism and submission to the Roman Pontiff  is necessary for the salvation of every man, woman, and infant.  Such is the simplicity of the faith, which the Apostle enjoins.

Therefore, punished by God, frustrated, alienated, and feeling they have no other alternative, the white Europeans are resorting more and more to haphazard violence, without any clear goal or purpose.  For they have no anchor, no truth, no knowledge, no understanding, no hope, no light, and no life, and therefore no charity.  All is loss for them, but for those in Jesus Christ, all is gain.  Unless they return to the Catholic Faith, they will perish along with their new Jewish masters.

The Apostolic See warns the nations that violence between the God separated races will increase, it will continue unabated, and that they can only expect more disorder and horror, because they have forsaken their first gift. When the true Catholic Faith and her dogmas are finally accepted once again, the Apostolic See will require the nations to separate the races once more.  Ethnic separation is the appropriate policy for every continent.  The hypocritical Jew even implements this policy for its own claim in Palestine.  Yet, because of their great hatred of the white European races, their continuous publications, pictures, and powers of usury are trying everything possible to reduce Europe to a geographical and blood mixture of races, defying the separation of the nations at the tower of Babel, and defying the blessings of Noah.  The Jews and communists refer to this as the “browning” of the West, where the white European racial stock (Japheth, the race most highly blessed by Noah) will assimilate into the darker races who received the lesser blessing of God (Sem and Ham).  Of course, it is a perversion and a curse for that which is most blessed, to seek after that which has no blessing.  Yet, this is what the Jewish media requires the sons of Japheth (the white Europeans) to do.  Naturally, they will not long countenance it, nor will Almighty God.

All of the nations, even the nations of Shem and Ham, have freedom of will, and are required to convert to the Catholic Faith.  Further, as declared by Our Predecessor Pius XI in his Encyclical Rerum Ecclesiae, they are to be given positions of responsibility and authority in the Church equal to those of the European races if, on individual and personal evaluation, their abilities merit these promotions. Further, they are not to be regarded as inherently inferior to the European white races, but only to have received a lesser blessing of God.  As Our Predecessor wrote “Anyone who looks upon these natives as members of an inferior race or as men of low mentality makes a grievous mistake” and further “if one discovers an extreme lack of the ability to understand among those who live in the very heart of certain barbarous countries, this is largely due to the conditions under which they exist, for since their daily needs are so limited, they are not often called upon to make use of their intellects.”  In other words, the conditions surrounding them have caused the difference in knowledge and prosperity, due to the blessing or cursing of God. Further, while they may have a mental capacity to understand spiritual things, if the level of grace influencing them is less, due to the lesser blessing of God, then it will be easier for their inherent sinful nature to resist that grace, and it may appear as a lack of natural mental affinity even if it is not the case.  If the European white races had not received the blessing of Japheth, there would be no discernable difference in status between the three lineages throughout history, since their inherent native talents and abilities would show no distinction. Rather, it is because Japheth received a greater blessing that God has prospered his works. Even so, as God ordained a division in history, the traditional racial geographical divisions must be enacted and respected.

So many positions of authority are occupied by Jews that it would take a very long time to list them all.   Yet, Jews are only about two tenths of a percent (.2%) of the entire population of the world.  It is truly shocking how much influence and power such a small segment of society has, considering that it is not even Catholic.  The Church has always endorsed laws limiting the positions of authority in society by the Jews, in order to protect the faith of Catholics.

The Jews are attracted to exercising influence in the press, academia, law, finance, and many other areas essential to the conduct of nations. In times past, the Jews have also been inordinately influential in the trading of slaves, even slaves that converted to the Catholic Faith and should have been freed from their captivity.  This is dangerous to the Catholic Faith and to Catholic nations because authority in the hands of apostates is inimical to the true Faith, and the salvation of souls, who may grow discouraged under the weight of their oppressors.  

Further, the Jews’ inherent fear of racial consciousness among the different Gentile nations they inhabit causes them to promote miscegenation and integration of the Gentile races, which was condemned by God at Babel.  They perform this through the ceaseless propoganda of their presses, and by lobbying politicians with their money, in order to allow the entrance of a motley and mixture of races and tribes into the borders of every distinct nation.  Meanwhile, they hypocritically do everything possible to preserve their own racial distinctiveness.

Contrary to the ravings of their wicked publications and press, it is right and proper to be concerned regarding the dilution of any particular ethnic and racial people, especially the Japhethites (Europeans), who received the greatest blessing from God.  God separated the nations at Babel, primarily into the three main tribes that descended from Noah: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. God clearly revealed His intention to keep the nations unique and separate at Babel, and through a unique blessing granted to Japheth.  God commanded the Apostles to preach the gospel unto the nations (plural), not to a single nation.  This doctrine that respected ethnic distinctions was commonly taught throughout the Catholic Church and in Catholic history, and was based on scriptural prudence and insight.  It is improper to attempt to amalgamate the races and tribes into a single unitary race or whole, to intermarry and intermingle them, and to unite the various nationstates into a single secular government.

Each ethnicity was created by Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the scriptures proclaim that Christ created every unique nation, and each nation was always intended to stand on its own, to be its own people, to care for its own, and not to intermingle as in the days of Babel.  All nations are called to submission to the Roman Pontiff, and in submission to the Catholic Church, and each nation must be nurtured and promoted in the Catholic Faith, but it is contrary to the wisdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who separated the nations with a distinct purpose, to attempt to intermingle them again, and intermarry them.  The nations should exist in charitable concord, all of them in submission to the Roman Pontiff as the ultimate judge and Vicar of Jesus Christ as one spiritual people in the new Israel of God, but they must never intermingle their races and destroy all boundaries.

Apart from occasional exceptions, Satan enslaves the Jews and uses them to enslave Catholics, because the Jews stubbornly seek to continue in their apostasy against the Catholic Faith and their Messiah Jesus Christ.  

We welcome any Jews into the Catholic Church if they repent of their wicked apostasy.

By continuing in their plots, the Jews will only destroy themselves, for it is impossible to destroy the truth of Christ.  Indeed, those who lead any plot against the Catholic Church are on the road to eternal perdition.  

As the Apostle declared “Now if the offence of them [the jews] be the riches of the world, and the diminution of them, the riches of the gentiles; how much more the fulness of them?” (Rm 11:12). Therefore We command and exhort the Jews to enter into submission to this papacy, before they perish.