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Sancta Sedes, Papa Bonifatius X (electronic mail)

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Greetings and Apostolic Blessings from Pope Boniface X, appointed by God at the final time for the purpose of His Glory, and not Our own, according to His decree through His Servants Pius IX and Pius XII, We send you this epistle of warning:

Despite all of your theological learning, you have failed thus far to meet the test of the living God, because you failed to learn the greatest lesson that the Holy Scripture can impart, namely its great obscurity which is to drive you to humility. A humble mind would have understood by now in its career that the Holy Scripture is in many places hard to understand. Do you gouge out your eyes? Do you cut off your hands? Do you hate your mother and your father? Finally, do you call no man father, and do you “accept all things” and take Paul’s teaching on charity literally?

Relying upon the Word of God, filled with holy obscurity and glorious teachings that the mundane often gloss over to the destruction of their soul, and which even Saint Peter himself warned was hard to understand- let Us ask you James White, are you wiser than Saint Peter, are you more intelligent than Saint Paul?  Did not Our First Predecessor warn you that the Holy Scripture was obscure and hard to understand in Paul's epistles, did not Our Lord Himself warn you in that He would be speaking in parables that were easy to misinterpret, did not Peter himself often fail to understand them, do you think you are better than Saint Peter who was beloved of the Lord and walked with Him in the flesh?

Nay, but We say this: there is only one form of teaching that can be relied upon in its plain and clear sense, and that is the teaching of dogma. Our Predecessor in faith Paul declared: "Not of yourselves, so that no man may boast!" What then? So that no man may boast in God? Nay! Yet, he said "so that no man may boast!" What then? You see that Paul's statement was limited by implication, for it is clear men can boast in God, for God is great and they should boast about Him! But you failed to see that Paul often spoke of obscure and hard sayings, that are difficult to understand, and which you have twisted unto your own destruction!

As we are now on the eve of Rome's destruction, along with its Antipopes John XXIII until Francis, along with whomever is cursed to be the seventh head of the beast, and whosoever is especially cursed to be the one who resurrects and animates the image of the first beast (i.e. the one who is the second beast- Antichrist John Paul II), WE WARN YOU: "Neither jews, nor heretics, nor schismatics, nor pagans can be saved", therefore White, you will not be saved unless you submit to this papacy, and seek the truth which is with Pope Boniface X. And again We warn you as Boniface VIII speaks through Us: "Furthermore, we declare, We proclaim, and We define that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature that they be subject to the Roman Pontiff." Therefore know how destitute your soul is, which is now a habitation of foul birds along with the Whore of the Apocalypse! We make this bold so that it can perhaps penetrate your hard impenitent heart!

For you have failed to make basic distinctions to your damnation, for is not the test regarding the things Protestants bicker about (statues and prayers to the dead) what is a temporary ordinance versus what is an eternal law? If God's prohibition of images was an eternal law, which is contrary to His eternal moral nature, instead of temporary ordinance to stem certain tendencies in the ancient Jews, would He THEN ALLOW AN IMAGE OF THE SERPENT ON THE POLE AND IMAGES IN THE HOLY TEMPLE OF SOLOMON!? If God's prohibition of speaking to the holy departed was an eternal law when he forbade "necromancy", which is contrary to His eternal moral nature, do you think He would have allowed THE MESSIAH HIMSELF, WHO IS SINLESS, TO SPEAK TO THE PHYSICALLY DEAD (MOSES) AT THE MOUNT OF TRANSFIGURATION? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living!

Repent! We give you til the turn of the month to contact Us and repent. We summon you to the Apostolic See, currently exiled. If you respond We will prepare a meeting time for you. Your time is short. If you do not respond, a formal decree of excommunication against you will be posted to the formal Registry of the Apostolic See, to memorialize your future damnation unless you repent before the end of your life.

Whoever does not love the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be anathema maranatha.

Pope Boniface X

Servant of the Servants of God