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Sancta Sedes, Papa Bonifatius X (electronic mail)

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Pope Boniface X to "President" Francoise Hollande,

Greetings from the TRUE Roman Pontiff, Pope Boniface X, who holds to every Catholic dogma unlike your charlatan and fraud Antipope Francis, who is a heretic. He is a pathetic fraud, just like your godless Republic. Both you and he will depart into the eternal flames if you do not repent and submit to the true and probably the final Roman Pontiff of all ages.

You have dared to limit speech of truth regarding perfidy of the Zionists and the Jews. You have dared to declare the promotion of false gods and the expression of false religions, all condemned by Our Predecessors including Gregory XVI, Pius IX, among others.


We now call upon all Catholics in France to actively defy your laws in this regard. Further, We depose you from the Presidency and any position of leadership in your nation, as a Heresiarch and a wicked fool. We have done the same to the pathetic adultress Heresiarchess Merkel, who is a wicked abomination to God jlike you are.

Further, We call upon all Catholics to promote doubts regarding the extent of the Holocaust, especially considering scholarship in that area is almost entirely operated by unbelieving and Christless Jews, who clearly would have an agenda to promote an exaggerated version of the modern holocaust story. The truly distressing holocaust, of course, is their crucifixion of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and their instigation of Pilate to this same regard, which has led them to their present blindness, with their backs bent to the ground, unable to heed the calls of heaven, carrying the weight of the Holy Scriptures upon their backs for the sake of enlightening the Catholic Gentiles, especially the sons of Japheth, upon whom you have turned your back Hollande- even your very own people, the descendants of the first son of Noah who was the most blessed of Our Lord God.

You have turned your back upon them, and allowed Semites to invade your lands, especially Mohametans and other idolaters, and you have brought disgrace upon your once Catholic people. God will see that you are annihilated and brought down into hellfire in the coming Apocalypse, unless by some miracle you turn back from your wicked paths.

Be warned, your love the world will bring you nothing in the hereafter but the revealing of your present disgrace in eyes of Christ, unless you come before Pope Boniface X, the Apostolic See, and beg for pardon and forgiveness of God and the Pontiff. Otherwise, God will destroy you for eternity, and the people you have led into the accursed way, into the way of godlessness, and whoredom with every false way and false god upon the earth. You are a stench and a sick putrid vomit to the nostrils of God.

You will allow "extremists" (as you call them, but who are merely god fearing humble Catholics) who embrace the Catholic Faith and Pope Boniface X, who indeed out of love of God would go to extremes for Our Lord Jesus Christ, to express their Catholic view, and you will allow electronic internet providers to grant them completely free expression of their Catholicism. If you do not, We will place your entire land under interdict, and We will grant neither pardon nor remission of sins to any in your native land of France, unless they have either fled your land or requested a special dispensation from the Apostolic See. You will then be responsible not only for your own damnation, but also the damnation of those who think you lead them.

But you are no leader, We have deposed you by Our Supreme Apostolic power. As Our Predecessor Boniface VIII made clear in Unam Sanctam, We have full power to depose you, and to rip you from your honors and your governance of the French state as we do any king or ruler upon the earth.  For the heathen kings have no right of inheritance, and the Catholic kings are subject to Our authority.  We depose you now, in accordance with Our full Apostolic Authority. We also summon and command you to appear before Us in meekness and repentance.

-Pope Boniface X
Servant of the Servants of God, successor to Peter and Pius XII

DECREED this 4th day of February, 2015.