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Sancta Sedes, Papa Bonifatius X (electronic mail)

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[Written in response to a letter received from the heretical Antipope “Peter the Last”]

To “Peter the Last”, who claims to be one of the two witnesses,

You are from the Antichrist.  You need to repent at once.  Desist from your lies!

This is why God commands us to test the spirits.  You did not test enough because the Spirit of Truth was not of you, and then you thought that the messages you received were from God, but they were actually from the adversary.  You assumed (when you knew it might possibly not be true) that your messages were from Christ.  You did not even bother to test them against the original dogmas of the Catholic Faith completely, as defined by all of the previous Pontiffs and the highest Magisterial Authority, to see if you were deceiving yourselves or being deceived.

Pope Boniface X is the true final Pontiff, not you.  Please stop deluding yourselves.  Vatican II was the beginning of the Great Apostasy, not Benedict XVI.  If you tested, and compared the dogmas, and cared about the truth, you would have seen this.  Instead, in your pride and arrogance, you believed that God was speaking to you directly, when you knew full well it could have been a deception from the evil one.  You did not begin with the dogmas and the provable facts, you started with unreliable visions and revelations that may or may not have been from the Most High God.  Therefore, you have been lead astray, and if you continue on this path you will go to hell.

Only those who hold to the original creeds and dogmas of the Catholic Faith from before Vatican II have a possibility of being saved and of going to heaven.  Your ordination to the Vatican II priesthood is invalid.  You are not a messenger of God, you are currently a dupe of satan and you are lying, and you are leading those who follow you into hell along with you. 

Therefore you false “Peter the Last”, repent!  We formally strike you with a sword of ANATHEMA, in the hope that you will see the severity of your situation and repent before you are cast into eternal perdition.

In all ages, Satan rises up certain imposters, that pretend to be the true version of the truth, but are in fact false.  Thus he raised up Simon Magus to replace Simon Peter, and Barjesus to replace Jesus, and other false prophets of the Apostolic Age.  You are such a one, and if you continue this course, you cannot be saved.

-Pope Boniface X,

Servant of the Servants of God