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Sancta Sedes, Papa Bonifatius X (electronic mail)

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Apostolic See Reconstituting the Confederate States of America

June 28, 2015

Boniface X, Servant of the Servants God, Greetings and Apostolic Blessings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Apostolic See will now hear from worthy Catholics for formal reconstitution of the Confederate States of America.  Worthy Catholics who embody the same desire to conform to natural law that was among her founders may be considered for formal appointment by the Roman Pontiff to the office of the Presidency of the Confederacy.  

We call attention to the numerous reconstitution of micronations allegiant to the true Pontiff throughout the world thanks to the solid efforts of Nicolas Gonella and others, and their submission to the true papacy.  

The Apostolic See considers the collapse of the United States of America as a single nation to be very likely in the near future.  In its stead, it will be necessary to create nations that are founded on principles of Catholicism and the natural law.  The Apostolic See believes a reconstitution of the Confederation of Free States as was envisioned by Jefferson Davis and many other fathers,  will be in the interests of the Apostolic See in the Americas, in the event of such a collapse.

The official religion of the new confederacy will of course be Roman Catholicism in submission to the Roman Pontiff Boniface X.  Slavery, while part of the original Confederation, will only be permitted to the extent required to punish heretics, schismatics, pagans, Mohammedans, apostate Jews and others who formally and obstinately resist conversion to the Catholic Faith.  While slavery is not a sin when slaves are treated justly, it should be generally discouraged as contrary to the spirit of Christian charity, unless it is to punish for criminal acts.  In all other respects that do not differ from those outlined above, the intent of the Confederation’s original founders will be inculcated.  A policy of separation among the races in the continents of the new world must be implemented, and Catholicism formally proclaimed in all new institutions.

To Illustrious and Hon. JEFFERSON DAVIS

President of the Confederate States of America, Richmond.\

Illustrious and honorable sir, greeting:

     We have lately received with all kindness, as was meet, the gentlemen sent by your Excellency to present to us your letter dated on the 23d of last September. We have received certainly no small pleasure in learning both from these gentlemen and from your letter the feelings of gratification and of very warm appreciation with which you, illustrious and honorable sir, were moved when you first had knowledge written in October of the preceding year to the venerable brethren, John, archbishop of New York, and John, archbishop of New Orleans, in which we again and again urged and exhorted those venerable brethren that because of their exemplary piety and episcopal zeal they should employ their most earnest efforts, in our name also, in order that the fatal civil war which had arisen in the States should end, and that the people of America might again enjoy mutual peace and concord, and love each other with mutual charity.

    And it has been very gratifying to us to recognize illustrious and honorable sir, that you and your people are animated by the same desire for peace and tranquillity, which we had so earnestly inculcated in our aforesaid letters to the venerable brethren above named. Oh, that the other people also of the States and their rulers, considering seriously how cruel and how deplorable is this internecine war, would receive and embrace the counsels of peace and tranquillity. We indeed shall not cease with most fervent prayer to beseech God, the best and highest, and to implore Him to pour out the spirit of Christian love and peace upon all the people of America, and to rescue them from the great calamities with which they are afflicted. And we also pray the same most merciful Lord that he will illumine your Excellency with the light of His divine grace and unite you with ourselves in perfect charity.


Given at Rome at St. Peters on the 3d December, 1863, in the eighteenth year of our pontificate.


                                                             PIUS P. P. IX.