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Apostate Jew Hedgefund Managers Behind Sodomite Revolution in America- They Pretend to be “Conservative”

June 29, 2015

Private Epistle #20

Apostate Jew Paul Singer- Head of Major Hedge Fund Elliot Management International (2015)

Wealthy apostate Jews funded and inspired the sodomite revolution in the Americas, promoting and spreading propaganda through their pumping of Jew dollars into evangelizing for the sin that “cries to heaven for vengeance”.  These apostate Jews pretend to be conservative, and claim to support conservative politicians.  Of course, this is another spectacle created by the Jews, since none of the politicians in America or their Jewish supporters are true conservatives or traditionalists.  All of it is a ploy to distract and destroy the European races and true traditional Roman Catholicism, through apostate Jew finance and apostate Jew media ownership.

-Lawrence Delvingne (CNBC)

The U.S. Supreme Court decision Friday in favor of same-sex marriage was welcomed by a perhaps surprising group: “conservative” hedge fund managers.

Dan Loeb [Jew] of Third Point, Paul Singer [Jew] of Elliott Management, Steve Cohen [Jew] of Point72 Asset Management and Cliff Asness [Jew] of AQR Capital Management are among the prominent hedge fund managers who have worked in recent years in support of gay marriage even as they disapproved of President Barack Obama and Democrats.

"It's a gratifying day for equality under the law," Asness, a libertarian, told on Friday.

"We're pleased with the Court's ruling because we believe in social justice for all Americans and hope this serves as a catalyst for global change," added Cohen, via a spokesman.

Loeb also sent [a tweet supportive of sodomites].

Singer, for example, created American Unity PAC in 2012 to support the cause by "protecting and promoting pro-freedom Republicans." Donors to that political action group have included Loeb, Asness, Seth Klarman of Baupost Group, David Tepper of Appaloosa Management and Mark Kingdon of Kingdon Capital Management, according to public filings.

Loeb, Cohen, Singer and others helped successfully to push to legalize same-sex marriage in New York in 2011. And backers of nonprofit Freedom to Marry have been supported by KKR head of public affairs Ken Mehlman, a former Republican operative, as well as Loeb, Klarman, Singer and Asness.

Loeb and Klarman did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Singer declined to comment.