Roman Catholicism was the first of many Jewish scams to control the white race.

Important Notice- Anyone who attempts to seize our domains in order to censor the truth, as was done to or, WILL BE SUED FOR RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION IN A COURT OF LAW AS WELL AS CONVERSION AND THEFT.  All participants in any such plot would also be sued for civil conspiracy.  It is unfortunate that we have to write this warning, but at the time of the great American eclipse of the sun in 2017, the Jews used the psychic energy of their moon (which is the symbol of their power) blocking the sun in the eclipse to attempt to erase numerous white nationalist websites on the internet.  This vain attempt will fail, just as the moon’s ability to block the sun and the light is always temporary.

A more modern version of a Jewish scam.

First, as our domain name suggests, this internet domain exposes the numerous deep contradictions in Roman Catholicism, which is a psychic scam of the kabbalistic Rabbi named Saul.  Saul knew he was contradicting himself of course. The contradictions of Christianity are in fact intentional and deliberate.  Additionally, we will be doing far more than exposing Roman Catholicism and the secret occultists who have inhabited the Vatican since the time of the Apostle Saul.  We will also have articles from the webmaster and other contributors on a whole range of topics related to the advancement of the forces of good in the universe, which is fundamentally embodied in the white race alone.  This will include exposing many other scams and lies foisted by the Zionist Jews and their Noahide followers, known as the Freemasons, upon society.  

The kabbalistic Rabbi named Saul called himself a tentmaker but was admittedly also a student of another Jew Rabbi named Gamaliel and surely one of the Hekhalot and Merkabah (pre medieval kabbalistic) students of the time, as he was steeped in mysticism and visions.  The scam religion of Saul of Tarsus was invented to make the white and perhaps asiatic Gentiles subservient goyim (a Jewish word meaning “cattle”) to Jewish interests.  Unlike the Old Testament or Torah (the original Jewish scriptures), which allowed the Jews to commit war and genocide on tribes that threatened their preservation (see e.g. Joshua 6:20-21), the New Testament requires the goyim cattle to “turn the other cheek” (Matthew 5:39), “submit to all governing authorities” (Romans 13:1), and to otherwise come under the total dominion of Jewish control over government and currency.  Unlike the Jews who are allowed to lend at interest to the goyim in Deuteronomy 23:20 and Deutronomy 28:12 as a sign of Yahweh’s “blessing”, the goy slaves are supposed to “lend freely, expecting nothing in return” as taught by their false Jewish messiah Jesus in Luke 6:45.  The Jews are permitted to conquer and dominate, but the goy are commanded by the same Yahweh to capitulate and obey.

Saul revealed the genuine motives of his new Christian sect when he praised how the white Gentiles who follow the Jew god are “sheep led to the slaughter” (Romans 8:36). And isn’t that to be expected?  Jesus, who paints himself as the great Jewish shepherd of the goy, the one who protects his lambs from wolves, nevertheless unabashedly calls himself their shepherd.  Any assurance of protection is temporary for any lamb under the dominion of a shepherd!  The ultimate goal of the typical shepherd or herder throughout human civilization and history is to slaughter his lambs and cattle for their meat and energy, and to shear off the sublime good white energy symbolized by the white wool.  This is why sheep and lambs were tended to, to grow fat and plump with sublime good and juicy meat, in order to provide food and energy when it came time to slaughter them for the Jewish Passover feast. This is of course a symbol of the psychic energy and soul fluid the Jews eat when they upload psychic force from the goy, by enslaving the white goy with their false religions and other constructs.

Of course, almost no Jews themselves believe in Christianity, as almost no Jews would accept the very scam their own people have attempted to hoist and implement on the Gentile and white population that was taken by surprise in 70 A.D. by this new religion that threatened eternal fire for all whites who did not comply.  Once the contradictions of this false Jewish religion (not just the superficial “bible contradictions”, but the deep rooted fundamental contradictions at the most basic levels to the point where it is impossible to determine the will of their chaos god) are exposed, any fear of eternal fire or damnation should be removed quickly for those pure white people who are concerned with trying to do what is right or just.

This website will expose numerous deep seated contradictions in the Jewish religion of Catholicism, and its offshoots the Protestant derivatives.  Obviously, a website like this is a mere clarification of what is already so evident from the fact that there are over 20,000 Christian or similar sects throughout the world.  To the extent that I can help a single white person avoid wasting time in this Jewish enslavement program, the better world this will be.

The Jews, the enemy of the white race, are a grouping of dark energy matter souls that worship the chaos god known as Yahweh.  As the universe requires everything to have a balance (there would be no recognition of light if there were no darkness against which it could be contrasted), the Jews in a perverse kind of way are as necessary for the balance of the universe as the white races who derive from the light side (the side of the sun or purity).  The Jews are like the moon, a false light that parasitizes and attempts to steal the light of the true beings that actually generate light, the whites or the sun beings.  Notice how, only when it suits them, the Jews love to pretend to be white.  This is their moon nature, seeking to appear like the sun by parasitizing its light and reflecting it, but never actually being able to originate true light.  The Jews steal the light from the sun and attempt to reflect it in a perverse way, making themselves appear to be good, when in fact they rule the darkness of the night. The Jews of course, as their natural proclivity dictates, guide the darker less intelligent races in the war against the white race. Whenever society wakes up and suppresses Jewish ideas and power, this brings in a better kind of period for humanity.  This includes suppressing all Jewish ideas by destroying their media, destroying Jewish inspired religions, and even changing your name if it is derived from Jewish history or culture.  The calling of white goy by Jewish names (like David or Daniel) alone allows incredible force to be uploaded to the Jews.

Because whites were taken over by the false sect of Catholicism starting about 200 A.D., they came under Jewish psychic domination, and since that time Jews have controlled virtually all aspects of white society.  Religion and finance were the main original centres of Jewish psychic influence throughout the middle ages.  As the false Jew messiah Jesus began to be viewed with increasing skepticism by Europeans, Jewry quickly seized upon finance and money as their new centerpiece to control the psychic focus of humanity.  Of course, they had long been usurers, since before the middle ages and thus already had the basic network set up for this kind of domination.  They were also very active in the slave trade.  As skepticism of religion increased, the Jews didn’t want the usefulness of their religious sects to wane too quickly, so they also used the inquisition to both maintain psychic control in the religion space, and also to acquire energy through the fear and torture of the inquisition’s victims.  It is no surprise that Torquemada and a many of the Catholic inquisitors were Jews, far in excess of their percentage of the general population.

After the middle ages and as the renaissance blossomed, humanity’s sole focus became how they were going to acquire the means to survive (which is generally via money). This  allowed the Jewish sorcerers (also known as “Cabalists”) to now use money and currency as the primary means by which they acquire total dominion and control. Before the Jews began seeking white extermination and slaughter through modern television and education, they actually encouraged whites to have many children, to create slave workers and sheep, to shear off the “wool” of their sublime good energy. They farmed the psychic fear created by the whites, who were constantly wondering how they were going to generate food and money.  Not only does controlling the centers of currency allow the Jews to control the levers and production of society itself, but it also allows them to collect and coalesce psychic energy, force, and prana (or whatever else you may wish to call that element of humanity that consists of the mental or dream state energy) from all the worry whites and other cattle generate when they worry about how to acquire it and survive.

While the Jews have dominated the history and noosphere of the West now for two thousand years, and for the last thousand have been at the genuine height of their power, since the 1960’s they have utilized different tools from religion to maintain their control.  Thus, in the 1960’s and with the modern media, the Jews totally psychically controlled all aspects and spheres in the West with a continuous barrage of television propaganda.  Once the Jews gained control of modern media and modern electronics in the 1950’s, they discarded their traditional scam religions and replaced these religions with porn mags, television stars to serve as a locus of force, and comic books, all traditional domains dominated by the Jews.  Both sex and religion are aspects of sublime good energy, or happiness energy, thus once religion waned the Jews used modern media and pornography to fill the minds of the goy with sexual themes to direct the sexual force to the Jewish porn and studio owners.  Obviously, it is important to control the narrative at all times, including those times when superstition itself is on the decline.  Therefore, as Catholicism declined and became less useful to the Jew, seizure of the media through Hollywood and propaganda networks like CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, as well as our most prestigious educational institutions such as the Ivy League, was always high on their agenda after they had already taken dominion over the realm of religion, finance, and currency.  The traditional religions like Roman Catholicism were no longer needed for psychic domination, as virtually every goy cattle now had a television in his or her living room where he could understand reality as painted through a perverted modern Jewish lens. Advanced philosophical religion was also no longer needed because modern farming and medicine were quickly increasing the population of the less intelligent brown and negroid races (who before were hardly even able to feed themselves), and thus it was more useful to train the white race to suicide itself through mass immigration, than to keep the more intelligent white race around and control them via religion and philosophy. At the dawn of the 20th century the negros numbered only a few million per African nation because they were unable to rise above subsistence level, but by the end of the 20th century they were numbering billions thanks to white medicine and technology.  At the dawn of the 20th century, the white European nation populations vastly outnumbered any African country, and were dwarfed only be exploding populations in the more intelligent regions of China and India.  Remember, whites are more prone to be pure and try to be good, thus advanced philosophical religion like traditional Catholicism is only useful for control as long as Whites exist and are gullible enough to accept its false notions of purity, mercy, and goodness.  The negros and other races can be more easily dominated through sex, porn, movies, cheap thrills, and Hollywood level entertainment heroes.  Also, Jews know it is much easier to farm energy off of a typical negro, via this kind of cheap trash and simple thrills.  This is why many negros are prone to schizophrenia (most schizophrenic bums are negro if you walk around a typical American city), and possession by dark spirits, because on a bell curve average they are less intelligent than whites, and because they are less resistant to psychic stress and manipulation.

Another method they are using to try to destroy the white population is through promotion of interracial marriage and eugenics.  They have so brainwashed most white girls through ceaseless propaganda to be rabid feminists, that Jews are systematically attempting to destroy the fabric of reproduction among white communities.  If anarchy rules in the household, it becomes more and more difficult to propagate.  Most white men do not trust white women enough to get married to one any longer (with good reason since you could easily become enslaved through exorbitant child support payments in addition to all of your student loans).  Some whites have even sold away their race and heritage by marrying asians or even negros.

But every aspect of the universe is a wave function, as has been proven through basic observation (the positive and negative polarities of life), and also now modern physics. What rises will eventually collapse, only to recur and rise yet again at some future date, only to collapse yet again.  We are now clearly on the descending wave of this Jewish dominance as alternative voices are finally rising to stem the incessant paranoid Jewish sound wave of untruth and falsehood.  Obviously Jewish resistance to the new waning of their power over media will be great, and there will be significant blood shed on both sides as their power wanes, but wane it must and it will.  The white goyim no longer accept their religions, and no longer accept their modernism.

Jewish Kabbalah and sorcery (sometimes known simply as “the Craft”, and whose laws and norms are the machine code of the Jewish psychic reality),  have psychically dominated every era since 33 A.D. through the tools described above.  The secrets of the Craft were always disseminated selectively to those few Gentiles willing to follow the Jew in order to gain power and control over others.  Thus the various Freemason sects were formed.  These sects are based on the magical principles of the chaos god Yahweh.  It was for good reason that Hitler outlawed all forms of this lunacy, and forbade Freemasons from intercourse in German society.  These secret occult organizations regularly engaged in child sacrifice and debauchery to acquire psychic prana or force.  As an example, see the numerous skeletons of young children unearthed in the home of Benjamin Franklin, who was a Freemason and a willing devotee of the secret arts of the Jewish chaos god, and Jews like Haym Solomon (the financier of the American revolution).    

There is much more to come in the following weeks as we slowly develop these pages into a bastion of weapons and information that you can use to destroy the Jewish domination of white society.

Last Revision and Update- August 28, 2017.  This is just the beginning.  Soon, these websites (,, and will present a fountain of information exposing the Jewish scams of history, from Communism, to Roman Catholicism, to Jewish control over media, finance, education (such as the “Ivy League”), and government and finally how to counteract the Jewish Kabbalah and the Jewish god, which is the basis of the Jewish scam, and oppose it on a fundamental level to destroy Jewish power.  A single knowledgable Gentile “goyim” or “cattle” (in reality we are the masters of the universe of course, not the Jews), can fell countless Jewish citadels, if he just knows the proper levers of power by which to do this.  Indeed, the Trump phenomenon, the populist phenomenon slowly gaining traction in Europe, and the sudden increase of light among the general population is in no small part due to a small set of individuals who have been working tirelessly to expose the enslavement of modern society by the Jews on both a practical and occult level..  Basic techniques that you can use to destroy the Jewish god and the Jewish domination of society will be presented on these internet pages.

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